Hatch Configuration Templates

Andrew Konkol of copy and waste has created a rather nifty little django based site named “hatch” for creating and sharing configuration templates.

There’s a number of reasons I really like this, and top among them is the use jquery to modify a displayed version of the template on the fly. It also highlights the substituted macro fields to visually identify what you’ve put in. And you can select, copy and paste exactly what you see at any time.

This means you can safely use the site to generate a final script without submitting the form value which may contain sensitive information.

The sensible use of %[ and ]% enclosed macro values means you can also take the template and stick it in a text file for offline use and to further build up templates that you might use elsewhere and which can’t be made public.

But using the website beats the pants off text based substitution in Notepad++ or whatever you might normally use.

Hatch is here,


Copy and Waste is here,


I’ll be linking the templates I create now via the “Templates” menu to the left side of the blog.

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