IPv6 Services

Hurricane Electric have an IPv6 “certification track” over at http://ipv6.he.net/certification/

It’s probably not something you’d include on the CV (you can’t really fail it….) but it is a good way to push yourself to learn a little more and apply what you know about IPv6 in real world context with hosted services (HTTP, SMTP, DNS etc), DNS registrars and actual home user connectivity. Looking at email history they launched the certifcation at least as far back as 2008, probably even before that. Though I hit roadblocks at the time with having IPv6 connectivity, creating TLD glue records and running services reliably over tunnels.

It’s been quite a bit easier to finish the last few steps with recent Linux distros, DNS/Domains Made Easy, VM’s from Host Virtual/VR.org’s and native dual-stack DSL at home in Australia via Internode.

IPv6 Certification Badge for cstubbs

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