PCI Professional Stupidity

This is now the third time in perhaps six years that I've contacted the so called PCI Security Standards Council; seeking to jump thru the flaming hoops of stupidity necessary to become a PCI Professional.

It's not a certification I, or anyone I know, actually holds in high regard.

Principally because it's a multi-choice exam delivered online via the Pearson Vue platform. Easy to cram for/cheat on given the availability of video recordings/screenshot; and hence basically worthless.

However; there is some value to having it when working in the consulting space.

They charge a hefty USD$1495 to sit that exam as an individual. Retakes are priced more realistically at USD$150.

If you want to use their online e-Learning course they'll sting you for an extra USD$900.00 to have the PCI-DSS documents regurgitated to you.

The thing that's utterly mindblowing though are the payment methods that they support. That they still support, not just years ago when I first contacted them, but right now in 2017 and on the verge of 2018.

I believe the below speaks for itself and clearly indicates how much faith the PCI Security Standards Council has in online card payment methods.


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