Salt Formula MacOS Support

I've issued a pull request to incorporate my changes to the salt formula which adds MacOS support. This enables MacOS based minions to be upgraded automatically based on pillar configuration.

Pull request here: []

For this to work you need to ensure your pillar config for salt management includes 'version' and 'salt_minion_pkg_source' on MacOS minions. Without explicit values for these package checks and upgrades will be skipped on MacOS.

E.g. you need something like the below,

  release: "2017.7"
  version: "2017.7.4"
  {% if grains.os == 'Windows' %}
  salt_minion: 'salt-minion-py3'
  {% elif grains.os == 'MacOS' %}
  salt_minion_pkg_source: ''
  {% endif %}
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